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Adelaide artist George Linou
Works in the mediums of oil, water colour, charcoal, acrylics, linocuts and printmaking.


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Lino cuts & printmaking

With over two decades of work as a professional visual artist, George Linou has exhibited at galleries across South Australia. He has several in private collections and some on permanent display in Adelaide.


He has a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts and Design from Adelaide Centre for the Arts, in South Australia and graduated with an honours in 1996. He has continued  skills development by studying printmaking, life drawing and landscapes.

George is influenced by the changes in one’s perception when looking at art, in particular he prefers the way in which the ambiguity of a subject can become the central theme to a work.


The everyday object and the familiar is abstracted and documented as glimpses in time, to capture the sensations of that moment. His images portray a playful relationship to the subject matter, evoking a feeling of being present during those moments.

"George works at the detail of his subject matter and introduces semi-realism within a vibrant colour palette, revealing the personality of  the subject."                        

Hans Kreiner, Adelaide artist.


"My art endeavours to reach new heights and always to look beyond challenges and continues cultural growth.




'Capri on Goodwood'  Adelaide, SA. 2016   

Oil on canvas: 500 x 700 mm.

Adelaide Rundle Balls.  2019 

Oil and acrylics on canvas: 500 x 700 mm.

About the artist

My work portrays a range of styles, mediums and subject matter and I use techniques of impressionism, abstractism and post structuralism to redefine how I perceive lines, forms, light and colour. This juxtaposed to structures, architecture, time and place, shaped by activations in the everyday. Other works examine the urban landscape, evoking a feeling of memory and perception. My portraiture works  have an ironic and humorous caricature, which capture the spontaneity of the subject.


I have been developing my techniques as a visual artist for over twenty years and exhibited in a number of galleries in South Australia and I commissioned to paint works for private collectors, businesses, corporate bodies and community organisations. These include the Grand Hotel in Adelaide and as far as New York, to paint the portrait of a wedding couple. 

For more information about my work please email me via my contact page, or share me on your social site.

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