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George has a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts and Design from Adelaide Centre for the Arts, in South Australia and spanned an art career over twenty years and has exhibited in various group exhibitions and appeared in art publications.


His watercolor painting techniques in these works, brings to the forefront his ability to tell a story through the composition of its photo realist style and uses a range of pop art techniques, dynamic lines and colour that makes one keep their attention at the detail and layers of the work.  

George is highly skilled  in lino cuts and printmaking, his artisan in crafting images from lino, rubber and wood have a contemporary tone yet seem to suggest a 1800’ influence rendering them timeless. Some of his lino cuts have taken up to 3 months to complete as each work is drawn and cut in its reverse and then applied as a positive image. This where is interest for printmaking takes place and he applies various methodologies to create seamless images from the lino cuts.


His commissioned work commemorating the 40th anniversary of Adelaide’s annual 12km City-Bay race, which is full of vigor, historical content and humor, can be seen in the expressions of the hundreds of runners he has painted. This work was expanded onto the sides of susses and trams leading up to the event in Adelaide.

Other works are of a photo realism, which show past sporting legends in their element of glory. The striking excitement and his passion for sports can be seen in his Muhammad Ali boxing homage to the energy of formula one driver Ayrton Senna. This technique is also represented through his intimate relationship with the subject matter when painting portraiture.

George has also been commissioned on various projects to pain portraits, landscapes and work compliance messages, along with recording events where he tailors specific compositions for clients, collectors, frineds and family into his art.

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