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“The works are

absolutely stunning"

Katherine Shaw: Program coordinator

Adelaide City Libraries.

RE-Imagine: 1-31 May 2022

The Adelaide Hutt Street Library in association with South Australia’s History Festival Presents




An exhibition of ten new oil on canvas paintings celebrating a changing city that re-imagines Adelaide’s heritage architecture by George Linou.

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Amber Glow Over Adelaide


"I'm always looking for new ways to
re-imagine the city of Adelaide"

           This exhibition of ten new oils on canvas represents a period in time where George has created a range of works that reflect isolation and gathering due to the Covid lockdown and were painted from 2019 - 2022. For example his Adelaide homestead work and the GPO building suggest a city under lockdown, whereas other works such as the Rob Roy and The Cumby imply that the city is coming back to life. 



        Adelaide is culturally diverse and new gathering spaces are appearing across the city and George has captured the cities heritage architecture in an al fresco style. 

I am very proud to curate this exhibition Amber Glow Over Adelaide for my brother. 

Christos Linou. Curator.

The Austral. 2021. 600 x 680 x 30mm.                          

List of artworks

1.    Adelaide State Library:    2022.  700 x 530 x 30mm.  $2,200                               

2.    Adelaide Museum:           2022. 700 x 480 x 30mm.   $1,900               

3.    Rob Roy:                          2021.  456 x 600 x 30mm.   $1,400                              

4.    The Austral:                      2021.  600 x 680 x 30mm.  $1,900                           

5.    The Cumby:                     2021.  605 x 756 x 30mm.   $2,100                           

6.    Adelaide Town Hall:         2020.  900 x 600 x 20mm.   $1,200                            

7.    Morialta & Grote #3:         2020. 425 x 346 x 30mm.   $450                

8.    Morialta & Grote #2:         2020. 840 x 420 x30mm.    $950                            

9.    Morialta & Grote #1:         2019. 700 x 336 x 35mm.   $750                           

10.  Homestead:                     2019.  676 x 800 x 30mm.  $1,300

1                                                 2                                                3










4                                                5                                                 6









7                                                 8                                                9                                                10


Adelaide State Library. 2022. 700 x 530 x 30mm. 


Adelaide Museum. 2022. 700 x 480 x 30mm.


Adelaide Town Hall. 2020.  900 x 600 x 20mm.   


The Austral. 2021.  600 x 680 x 30mm.   


Rob Roy. 2021.  456 x 600 x 30mm.   


Homestead. 2019.  676 x 800 x 30mm.


Morialta & Grote #3. 2020. 425 x 346 x 30mm.

I am very pleased to present ten new paintings about my hometown Adelaide. I’ve been re imagining how I interpret the history of Adelaide’s architecture and how the landscape has been transformed.


I have noticed that the outside of Adelaide’s Heritage buildings, social spaces are appearing and I painted the works in the cast of a sunset glow.

The light at that time of the day has a beautiful amber glow and I have tried to transpose that feeling of warmth into my paintings to give the viewer a sense of being there.

I would like to thank and acknowledge the following people who have helped me make this exhibition possible. My brother Christos for his hours of work curating the exhibition and to Katherine Shaw and the staff at the Hutt Street  Library and South Australia’s History Festival. Thank you my wife Mariella and for the support from my family and friends, and Ashok Matholiya from Pix Snaps, Jin’s Café and Chris Dimitrack.

Morialta & Grote #1. 2019. 700 x 336 x 35mm.

"George is one of many who have contributed literally to build Adelaide with its bristling juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary culture“


Hans Kreiner: Artist/Educator.


Morialta & Grote #2. 020. 840 x 420 x30mm.

The Cumby. 2021.  605 x 756 x 30mm. 


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