"I prefer painting with oils as it continues to open new possibilities in how it can be applied and interwoven with other materials"

"My interest in portraits references the application of reapplying colours, textures and brush stokes to give life to the subject matter"

'Untitled' 2012

Watercolour on canvas: 420 x 297 mm

'Senator Don Farrell & family'  2012

Oil on canvas" 700 x 1200 mm

'Untitled'  Private commission' 2012

Oil on canvas: 830 x 820 mm

'Keith Littely. Engineer'  Commissioned by Boart Longyear.  2010  

Oils on canvas: 1000x 1200 mm

'Sebastian and Joanne'  2010

Oils on canvas: 900 x 1000 mm

© 2020 george linou - artist

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