"The excitement and fascination of sport is reflected through my attention to detail with the subject matter.

I have documented moments in sport, which have inspired me."


'Adelaide City to Bay. 40th anniversary'  2001     Commissioned by the City-Bay Committee.

Oils and acrylic on canvas: 1200 x 1200mm


'Invincible'  2005   

Oils on canvas:  720 x 760 mm

'Whites Only'  2005   

Oil on canvas: 720 x 760 mm


'R.I.P. Bradman'  2005   

Oil and acrylics on canvas: 900 x 920 mm

'Ayrton Senna' 2001

Coloured pencil on paper: 400 x 300mm


'Tyson Edwards'  Adelaide Crows football player.  2003

Oil on canvas: 300 x 1000mm

© 2020 george linou - artist

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