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Becoming Adelaide 

Examining Adelaide's Heritage Architecture.

The works depicts buildings that are familiar,

old with the new.

To create a timeless snapshot

of the subject matter.


This provided a representation of structures

that may often be ignored or overlooked,

from the notion absence in a visible  landscape.


I was interested how Adelaide has evolved

and as I traveled across the city.

I remember stories from my youth and re-imagine

them as painted compositions to document

the heritage buildings before they disappear.

The Adelaide City Library and the South Australian History Festival presented. Becoming Adelaide.


An exhibition of paintings in oils and acrylics, depicting Adelaide’s heritage architecture and contemporary structures built around them.

The exhibition of ten different Adelaide locations, which

played an important role in George’s life.

The works were a form of local migration as George crossed the city to identify his location and reference his past.

Each of the works feature Australian Fauna, as a metaphor for a birds eye view of the city. The birds also represent people from his past; cockatoos in one work represent his mother Evanthia,  while a magpie is painted in another to remind him of his younger brother Jack.

Rundle Balls.  2019
The Beehive 2.jpg
Pilgrim Centre 2.jpg
The Metro 2.jpg

Adelaide Rundle Balls. 2019  

Oil on canvas: 800 x 600 x 30 mm.

Cathedral on Flinders.jpg

The Metro. 2019  

Oil on canvas: 600 x 505 x 35 mm.

Cathedral on Finders.  2018  

Oil on canvas: 745 x 1000 x 30 mm.

Adelaide Town Hall 2.jpg

Adelaide Town Hall. 2018

Oil on canvas: 900 x 600 x 30 mm.

Adelaide Trustee 2.jpg

The Behive Corner. 2019  

Oil on canvas: 740 x 510 x 30 mm.

GPO 2.jpg

Adelaide Trustees. 2019  

Oil on canvas: 405 x 405 x 35 mm.


Pilgrn Centre. 2019  

Oil on canvas: 775 x 600 x 30 mm.

Looking East On King 2.jpg

'Capri on Goodwood'  Adelaide, SA. 2016   

Oil on canvas: 500 x 700 mm.

GPO. 2019  

Oil on canvas: 710 x 505 x 35 mm.

Looking East on King. 2018

Oil on canvas: 912 x 480 x 30 mm.

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